Grimble grumbles and groans about his new day job- Sending otherworldly intruders back to where they came from... 

An Exciting Top-down 2D bullet-hell Roguelite where varying and seemingly random and out-of-place enemies spawn into the world from spoopy Interdimensional Portals.

Jam Out to an Original Sound Track by Shawn Landa

Shoot and Dash to Take Out Enemies! (not on dates, sorry)


- WASD to Move

- SPACE to Dash

- LEFT CLICK to Shoot

- RIGHT CLICK to Use Pickups

Made By:

Yan Landa

Alexander Adams

Sawyer Watson

Shawn Landa

Devon Humphries

Dylan Yole

Juan Alarcon

Joshua Gentile

Sudhanshu Bahmburkar


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Love how the machine gun power up feels!

Great work guys!

ayyyyy good job all!

This is the best game I've ever played